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The Best Waist Bags for EDC

Ideally you want your EDC kit to be the items that you can wear on an everyday basis without worrying about an additional backpack or bag. Generally, the items you wear around your neck, under your clothing, around your ankle, or in your pockets, make up your EDC.

But there are some people who just need that little bit of extra carrying space for their EDC kit. Moms who have large families with young kids or infants, anyone whose day job doesn’t allow concealed carry, and those preppers who don’t feel ready unless they have whatever they could need within easy reach. For those people, we’ve pulled together a list of the best waist bags for EDC. These are the bags that fit around your waist to help you organize and carry those extra must have items.

In order to choose the best waist bag for EDC, it’s important to take an inventory of your personal routine and your environment. Determine what kinds of tasks and/or events you may be faced with as you move about every day. It may help to make a list of threats or potential threats for your area as well as to keep track of those little tasks and inconveniences that crop up over and over for you and your family. Once you have your list of potential issues, then make a list of things you can carry with you to help minimize the inconveniences and deal with any major events that could occur.

What to Carry in an EDC Waist Bag

The standard EDC trio for just about everyone includes their phone, keys, and wallet and these are typically kept in your pockets. This trio becomes your EDC base as these items go with you no matter where you are at any point. You can add significantly to your base by downloading some survival info, maps, and scanner apps to your phone, attaching mini tools to your keys, and adding small, thin items to your wallet.

There are numerous places you can keep your EDC items, such as around your neck, wrist, or ankle, etc. Any items that you can’t wear or fit comfortably in your pockets, or any gear you can’t carry with you at all times due to work or other restrictions, should go into an EDC waist bag. By putting your additional items or your restricted items in a waist bag, you can easily put on or take off the bag depending on the rules for your location or event.

What to Look for in an EDC Waist Bag

The best waist bags for EDC are those that have the right combination of features for your individual situation and carrying needs. Some features to consider include:

Choosing a waist bag that is of adequate size to carry the EDC items you need to take with you is critical. A bag that is too large or too small can hinder the purpose of your EDC by being too heavy for you to carry daily or if it is too small to allow you to carry the items you need.

While pockets in an EDC waist bag are not a requirement, they can significantly help you to organize your EDC items, so they are easily accessible when you need them. There’s no point in carrying numerous EDC items with you if you cannot find what you need when you need it.

Look for straps with reinforced stitching and quality clasps that are easy to operate. Quality straps are crucial to being able to secure your pack reliably and keep your gear safe even with everyday use. Make sure the strap is comfortable enough to wear for long-periods and when possibly get a bag with straps that allow you to carry the bag on your waist or over the shoulder as a sling or cross-body bag.

The best waist bags for EDC will be durable. Ideally material will be waterproof and should minimally be weather resistant. Ensure the pack you choose has quality zippers. You want a bag that keeps your gear secure but still lets you get to your EDC items quickly and easily when you need them.

Best Waist Bags for EDC

Wisport Gekon

For those who prefer a subtle tactical look, one of the best waist bags for EDC is the Wisport Gekon. It’s fully compatible with MOLLE webbing. The main pocket has an interior pocket with zipper, elastic loops, and mesh sleeve for ultimate organization.

It includes a front zippered pocket with mesh sleeve and elastic loops as well as hook and loop on the front for patches. The back of this waist bag includes another pocket which can be easily accessed from the top without removing the bag.

Helikon-Tex Urban Bandicoot

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This Urban Bandicoot waist pack by Helikon-Tex comes with a detachable belt strap and adjustable waist strap which can be made to wear over the shoulder. The side wings are MOLLE/PALS compatible. YKK zipper closures, duraflex covered buckles, durable fabric and sturdy stitching make this a great pack for everyday use. It includes a removable organizer to keep cash, cards, and phone secure in the primary compartment and a front pocket for smaller items.

Herschel Eighteen

This sturdy yet modern waist bag has an expandable larger compartment with two pockets for storage. Adjustable mesh webbing straps and quality buckle for reliable fit. Wear on the hip, waist, or shoulder for ultimate flexibility.

Mosslian Fanny Pack

This is a great fanny pack, made of durable waterproof nylon. Its zippers are strength tested for durability and it comes with an adjustable waist strap with an easy release buckle. The large zipper pocket is great for longer items and you also get five smaller exterior pockets, so you can organize your gear for easy accessibility.

Urban Waist Bag by CPSL+ Originals

This handy fanny pack has a total of seven pockets for increased organization, including a main pocket with hidden zip closure pocket, 3 side pockets and 2 front pockets. Its sleek, more modern appearance makes it a great addition to any EDC kit. It’s made of weather-resistant nylon to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The strap is adjustable for positioning over the shoulder or at the waist.

Mountainsmith Kinetic II Lumbar Pack

Comes with a back panel made of air mesh foam for comfort. Includes a shoulder strap and hide away waist belt. Has a main compartment with interior pocket and a front panel pocket with durable clip within for your keys. The Mountainsmith Kinetic II includes reflective 3M strips on the exterior and a yellow lining for easier visibility of interior. Made from a lightweight yet sturdy material with two mesh compartments for water bottles or other items.

Are you using one of these best waist bags for EDC for your gear? Let us know your favorite feature. If we missed your favorite waist bag, comment below and let us know why you think it should be on this list.

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