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Tactical MOLLE Gear for Bugging Out

MOLLE, stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment, and is pronounced very much like the woman’s name Molly. It’s the norm these days to see military soldiers carrying heavy backpacks and equipment while deployed or conducting local exercises and operations.

These backpacks carry a huge amount of gear that is completely necessary for their tasks and being able to quickly and easily access said gear is important. That is why these soldiers use Tactical MOLLE Gear to ensure their equipment is secured safely and accessible when they need it. MOLLE Gear right now is a very big trend in the prepper and survivalist community and for very good reason.

The MOLLE system is currently being used worldwide by NATO troops, the United States and United Kingdom Armies, as well as your local law enforcement agencies. The system itself is designed to provide the user with an array of carrying options that are completely adjustable to each individual. And this is why MOLLE gear is perfect for using as the basis for your Bug Out Bag.

The major factor that makes this system such a multipurpose piece of equipment is the fact that it uses the PALS system. PALS system is defined as the Pouch Attachment Ladder System, where there are series of nylon strips that have been stitched at a regular distance between each other. This allows the equipment and the gear to be attached securely and easily. In short, it is the PALS webbing that allows the modular and adjustable system of the MOLLE to exist.

Occasions Where The MOLLE System Can Be Used

The MOLLE system is a very compact and durable system that allows a lot of baggage to be carried without much difficulty and in a very organized way. If we consider it as an advanced form of backpacking, it would be just right. MOLLE is popularly used by the military and the law enforcement agencies, but there are multiple ways the civilians can also use this system.

Travelling, hiking, mountaineering, camping, hunting and even for range shooting. The MOLLE system can pocket extra gear and other survival kits, and this is why it is an ideal choice for anyone wanting to prepare their tactical Bug Out Bag. The MOLLE system has been designed after a lot of deliberation and study and has simplified the military backpack, making it far easier for our soldiers to carry their gear around.

Benefits Of Using The MOLLE System

There are many benefits of using the MOLLE system and this is why it has been so popularly used by numerous national militaries, as well civilians. The benefits are:

  • MOLLE system uses the PALS webbing to allow space and increased feasibility of carrying multiple goods and gear all at once. PALS webbing is one of the unique and most sought-after patterns for creating compact carrying spaces.
  • The MOLLE system allows the weight that has to be carried by the carrier to be evenly divided among their body. This ensures that their body is not overweighed on any of their sides. This even distribution also prevents any muscle spasms that may occur due to undue tension.
  • A lot more gear can be carried using the MOLLE system, which otherwise would not be easily possible for a person to carry.
  • Other than PALS, the MOLLE has some chest rigs and belts including vests which allow a lot of gear to be carried or attached.

Tactical MOLLE Gear has been very useful for the army, and therefore it has been successful in replacing its predecessors, ALICE and MOLLE I. Since the replacement, MOLLIE II has been the selected combat uniform for the Army.  There are still few units in the army that have not yet phased into the new MOLLE and use other systems to carry their gear with different varieties of equipment. But their transformation has already kicked in, and this is going to cement the position of MOLLE as the best and most compact carrying systems to date.

Gear Components Of MOLLE

MOLLE is a great wearable carrier and the parts and attachments that make it the best are:

The Magazine Carrier and Chest Rig: This is one of the most basic and important things that you need to have when you are out training, focusing on your survival and your attack strategy. The design and build of the MOLLE differs with each manufacturer and company that has been contracted to make it.

It has many pouches that are adjustable and can be adjusted as per the need and requirement of the rifle man or shooter. The pouches can be used to store pistols, rifles, magazines and singular bullets. The pouches are spacious enough to store combat knives as well and can be placed according to the comfort of hand movement of the wearer.

The pouches are all mesh style, and this allows the ease of water drainage in case the wearer is traveling through water or it is raining. Most of these MOLLE also have front and back trauma plates. These can withstand attacks and bullets thus providing a much more secure package and armor to the soldier. There are extra pouches as well that can hold much more than just bullets and magazines. There is also water holding facility along with a pipe that can be used for on the go sipping purposes.

The Rucksack: These are larger versions of assault packs that can carry larger guns and other things like medical supplies and food rations. Civilians using the rucksack for traveling long distances, or hiking can also use it to store a lot of their supplies. These rucksacks can hold up to 80 pounds. The PALS system, allows the wearer to boost the capacity and carry add-on pouches and smaller sacks if they are willing to carry much more.

There are many other add-ons that can be added to the MOLLE system, which include:

  • An unlimited quantity of different sizes of bags and pouches,
  • Flashlights can be hung, or another pouch for the flashlight can be added,
  • Knives along with their sheaths,
  • Pistols with their holsters,
  • Medical kits, and
  • Pouches and bags for ammunition and extra magazines.

MOLLE System and PALS

There is usually a lot of confusion between MOLLE and PALS and their usability. Most people feel that they can use them as an alternate to each other. But this is not the case, the PALS is a ladder system, that is utilized in giving the MOLLE system its ability to be modular.

The MOLLE consists of a PALS ladder system which makes it more accessible and easy to use. The attachments can be easily added outside and be more easily accessible for the wearer. Rummaging for things deep down inside your bag can be quite irritating. Therefore, the ease of attaching things on the outside makes it quite a useful function.

Carrying all the things in a single rucksack could be quite difficult and at same time painstakingly heavy for an individual. The PALS system allows the person an easy way out. By adding pouches and other attachments, your Bug Out Equipment and other things could be easily sorted and carried by making the weight evenly distributed. It also gives the freedom to place things according to ease of the wearer.

MOLLE Gear, Simply A Must Have

As you can see, MOLLE Gear is not only limited for military purposes but perfect for the modern-day survivalist and prepper. It has a lot of capabilities and can hold a lot of weight. These qualities make it a must-have for even the civilians who prefer adventurous tours like camping, hunting, traveling into the wild and mountaineering. The MOLLE system will give you the power to organize your supplies as per your needs and requirements and at the same time ensure that everything is intact and just the way you want.

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